Q. Do the shoes come with the original box?

A. All shoes come with the original box unless stated (no box) in the listing.

Q. Do the prices include shipping?

A. The prices listed are for the shoes alone, you must add the price of shipping. Shipping rates can be found in the shipping information link below on the right side. Please note that shipping rates may vary on items depending on its weight.

Q. How do I proceed to order an item?

A. Please contact me, all my contact information can be found above. Once I confirm the item is available a payment by paypal will be required, once the payment is cleared shoes will be shipped within 12 hours.

Q. Do you accept any forms of payment other than paypal?

A. No, paypal only. Payments are preferred sent as a personal gift payment, otherwise 4% extra will be required to cover paypal fee's.

Q. What is a personal gift payment?

When making a payment with paypal there are 2 payment options given, a purchase or personal payment. A personal gift payment cuts out regular 4% paypal fee at the receivers end, thus making it no need to add 4% if sending the payment as a personal gift payment. Please note that the 4% fee can only been avoided when using a bank account or paypal balance as the funding source. If the funding source is a credit card, the 4% fee will still occur but will give the buyer the option to cover the fee. German paypal users do not have the gift option available.

Q. Do you send items as a gift and low value?

A. Yes, all items are sent as a gift and low value to help avoid customs charges however I am not responsible for any additional fee's if they happen to occur.